The Pursuit of Positive Power

Updated: Mar 13

Positive Power was a lifesaver at the hardest time of my life...

Welcome to my blog,

2020 was when my life changed forever when I became a member of the club no one wants to belong to, when you lose someone so dear to your heart, you break into million pieces.

I didn't know how I should start my blog, writing a happy note or just be me and start telling my story with a sad opening, pouring my heart out to you dear readers, so I decided to start with how I will forever remember the rainy day in November when I lost my Aba, my Dear Dad, to cancer.

It all started in December 2019 when a weird feeling in my stomach told me to go and visit my family in Israel and celebrate Chanukah with them, a holiday I last celebrated in Israel twenty-four years ago.

A voice, a gut feeling pushed me to go, an unshakeable feeling got me to buy a last-minute ticket, and God I'm so grateful l did.

My parents of course we're so happy to see my youngest son and me entering their home with winter clothes, as this was the first time for my son to be in Israel in December.

My dad got diagnosed with rare cancer 2 months later.

Our lives had changed forever at that moment and we now became a family with a cancer patient, something you hear others go through, and you pray every day that this plague will skip your family, skip your loved ones.

Yet, Cancer doesn't discriminate, it doesn't care who or what if you are good or bad, young or old, black or white, which religion you practice, when it comes and knock on your door, your life change forever.

And when troubles knock on your door you have a CHOICE to make!

you have to choose how you will handle this , as a warrior, to fight with all your might no matter the outcome, or just call a defeat right from the start.

You have a choice to make

A #choice is an action we take every single second, a choice between what we eat, what we drink, who we are falling in love with, who we are friends with, where we are going, how fast we are driving, where we choose to make our home, a choice to be happy, sad, #positive, ambitious, go-getter, active, forgiving and OMG so much more.... but you get the point.

we choose, even if we choose nothing, we still choose.

Have you seen them?

Did you ever look around you and notice that there are two different kinds of people, the positive and the negative ones?

Let me tell you a little secret... If you haven't seen them yet is because you haven't truly listened to the words that come out of their mouths.

It’s true...

In the absence of darkness, you will see the light

In the absence of evil, you will see the good

In the absence of negative, you will see the positive

Life is what we make it,

Life is what our eyes choose to focus on.

Life is what our ears choose to listen to.

Life is what our minds ponder on.

Being positive is a choice, yes a very hard choice, it's when you see everything ruined, burned, dead, you will still look for that beautiful flower hiding under a rock to give you new hope that something different, something new will come along.

Being positive gives you hope and faith that although you may think there is no way up or out, a glimpse of hope, a new breathe, a new thought, a new solution will come into your heart and give you the power within to continue.

Remember what I asked you 🔝,

Now ask yourself this question again and answer it honestly, who are the people you surround yourself with?

What kind of people is surrounding you?

And what kind of person do you want to be?

Is the half cup empty, surround with only problems, despair, and no ability to break boundaries?

Or do you want to see the half cup full, surrounded with only solutions, hope, happiness, positivity, and the ability to bring a smile and new beginnings to your life?

If you are done being negative if you are done frowning and you want to make your life worth living, because if you’re reading this post it means you are ALIVE!

And that is an enormous reason to smile and be present in your life with the gift of positive power to spread to others.

If you liked what you read, join me in the pursuit of positive power, I promise it will bring to your life so many opportunities, so many grateful moments that you would be able to feel if you will be open to accept happiness ,blessing and appreciation of life .

Get Inspired

Tip: when you feel your energy is shifting to a bad place, take 3 deep breaths slowly , hold counting 3 and exhale counting to 6 ...(repeat it 2-3 times) let me know how you feel

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