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I found that people associate Self Care with Selfishness and I feel sad about it.

After being Selfless most of my life to the fault that I almost forgot what I want, what I need, always doing more for others, always putting myself last, I do feel I must spread the Awareness of self-care.

Self Care isn't a bad word, it's not taboo.

It's an inspiring word. It should be taught in school at an early age.

Lets me ask you a question, do you know why most of us admire Hollywood actors, performance artists, athletes ..... I'm sure you're thinking, "oh..well they have it easy, they have money, they have people cater to them so it's easy," but you see it's a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel better about ourselves. why, because I can list a few of them that with all the money they have they are still dressed up as they used to, they don't fix their teeth, they're heavyweight, they don't give a crap. so what would we say now? .... " I don't get it, with all the money they have why can't they take care of themselves?........ I got your attention now, didn't I?

See, it doesn't matter how much money you have, how many entourage you have surrounding you, if you don't care about yourself, if you don't eat right, have the right sleep habit, stay active, and yes care about how your hair looks, how you present yourself, eventually it will catch up to you when one day you will look in the mirror and ask yourself, how did I get here, how did I let myself go?

The difference between us and others (in this case, celebrities) is that their lives are being broadcasted and we get to judge them. So before we go judge others, why don't we look at how we treat ourselves first.

Now, before you judge me, and think I'm superficial, let me say this ... that it couldn't be farther from the truth, I'm not trying to shame people who are overweight, I'm saying that it doesn't matter how you look, where you come from in the demographic chart, I'm saying that when you love yourself, when you care enough to know that you deserve the same happiness, the same opportunities, the same pampering, the same love others get, the fairytales love as anyone else, no matter how you look !!

only then do You get to DARE TO DREAM, to have a great life, to receive the love you give to everyone else in return.

Open your arms to receive the love from the universe

10 Self-care Tips:

1. Eating healthy

Teach yourself to look at the labels of the food you buy, understand the value of certain food, what preservatives do to your body, why not every food we can eat should eat.

Learn to cook for yourself, or make a salad, or a hearty sandwich, instead of grabbing the next snack you see, or order in food. When you cook a meal, you are in charge, you know what ingredients you put in, it will hold you accountable and make you feel better that you are capable of doing something for yourself, why, because I want you to love yourself, to care enough to understand that when you hear the saying "you are what you eat", you will smile inside because you'll know exactly what it means.

Be kind to your body.

2. Exercise

when was the last time you went for a walk? the last time you swam or danced or move your body? Make it a habit, a healthy habit.

If you can't remember when then you need to WAKE UP.

I'm at the age of 50, I tried my best to do a lot of things right, one of the things I didn't, is enough exercising, as a little kid, what I hated most was gym classes, I hated running, I hate sweating lol. Although God blessed me with a great metabolism, the last 5 years haven't been easy at all because of all the changes women go through it caught up with me. Now, trying to acquire new habits is a very hard thing to do, and I try and I struggle as we speak, to get my ass off the couch and burn some calories, let my heart pump some blood. so if I could have told my 20 years old self to do something, it would be getting used to moving my body and burning calories a few times a week to stay active and drink lots of water.

3. Give your hair some attention

Get a haircut, put in a ponytail, slick it back, go and visit your hair designer, whatever you feel comfortable with. don't just look at others and judge or say I wish I could look like ...., don't wish, DO!

you deserve it and you can do it!

4. Nourish your face and body

Be kind to your body and face, give it the moisture it needs, from all the pollution in the world, the heat or cold weather that cause dryness- be kind to your body.

ex: my morning ritual is washing my face, and then applying @clarins total eye lift, @clarins double serum, vitamin C on top, and SPF moisturizer. (never leave the house without it ). at night, I clean my face and apply night cream. make it a healthy habit,

tip: keep the night cream/eye cream next to your bed.

5. Visit the dentist twice a year

yes, as someone who was born in the '70s, you only went to the dentist if your teeth hurt...and oh boy! that meant it's too late.

If you ask your mom, or you were born in the 70's-80' or before, you know what I'm talking about.

as a mother of 3 boys, I took them to the dentist as young as 2.

Yup, I didn't want my kids to be terrified of the dentist, and therefore they are not,

I'm on the other hand terrified and every time I go (twice a year ) is to prevent me from those drills and filling, LOL.

6. Visit your Doctor yearly

nothing is wrong with that. don't say I don't have time, I'm too busy, or I'm fine, or I'm scared from what the dr will find so I just won't go, or it's a waste of time. unfortunately, I lost a few people in my life who thought they shouldn't go because they were scared of the results.

7. Take time for yourself

yes do something you like, go for a walk, get a massage, go shopping, sign up for a course, an art class ... whatever makes you feel good.

You are just as important as the people in your life. You deserve to enrich your life, you are talented to let the world see your creation. so please take time out for yourself, call it a ME TIME. and do not apologize for it.

8. Meet up with your friends every person should have at least one friend. friends are great for the soul, you can laugh, cry, share your private thoughts and sometimes need a little get away from your family (hey, we all love our family but sometimes you just need a little space, recharge your battery for energy. guys love to watch football games with their buddies, and girls just wanna have fun ( lol, I have Cydni Lauper song singing in my head), go to breakfast, lunch, a show, whatever you like to do with your girlfriends.

ex: things I love doing with my girlfriends are: go to the city to see a broadway show(NYC) go for a spa day or a spa weekend, go to a tropical island in the middle of winter, meet on the beach in July/August, meet for lunch or dinner. I fly overseas to see my family and hang out with my long childhood friends and I just love it.

9. Go after your dreams

Its may sound cliche, but I wish someone told me that 30 years ago. so I'll just give you a few tips especially to the young people who are reading this now.

study what interests you, what you are passionate about, not what others tell you, you should, or do this because it's the new profession.

When I studied coaching, one of the tips/foundations they thought us was that when you love what you do, it will never be considered a job. it becomes your passion, when you wake up every morning, loving what you do, becoming the best at what you do.

so, I don't care if you are 20 or 50 as I am, go, search, register, and follow your dreams, it's never too late to make your dreams come true.

If you have air in your lungs, healthy brain cells in your mind, go and enjoy and learn something every day, and don't let anyone tell you, " oh, it's too late for you, or why are you learning this, at your age?" block that nay saying, and don't listen to them, they wished they had the guts to get up and change their life. so don't let anyone stop you.

Go, learn, develop, evolve, inspire others and then be the one to help and inspire others.

10. Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and others,

Be patient with yourself and others,

Be respectful to yourself and others,

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

Love yourself so you can love others.

Kind people don't go hurt others, kind people don't go and insult others.

Kind people help others, love others, inspire others.

Do you know why?

Usually kind people are compassionate towards others, they went through hard time in life and it changed them , they understand that life is not perfect and we all make mistakes.

so be kind to yourself and others , share your love with the world.

Becomes the example, be a leader ;

With much love,


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