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Spilling Sand

What we are about

Positive outlook ,positive outcome

2020 was the year that changed my life.


This year felt like a relentless twister.

entering my 49th year of celebrating life, covid-19 shut the whole world down,

flying 3 times  transatlantic to be with my dad ,to support and care for him while he battled fight with aggressive cancer.

closing the year with the devastating  heart breaking loss of my Dad, My Aba.

as I said it was relentless.

I had to find a high power to keep me positive, keep loving life with all the chaos, block out the negativity, let go of the anger, the sadness and the only thing I could think of is how do I keep my Dad's legacy alive ,and I knew right then and there that the power of love, the power of overcoming obstacles, the power of perseverance, the power of positivity is what he taught me, what he showed me and how he  lived life like the Lion King he was until his last breathe.

 I dedicate this to my Aba, the man who taught me that it doesn't matter if you're a Man or a Woman, Black or White, Jewish, Christian or arabs, Rich or Poor ,Educated or Not ... WE ARE ALL EQUAL, we all deserve the same respect as anyone else.


Continuing his legacy, fulfilling my dream in sharing my thoughts, my life experience, the will to help those who seek advice, seek guidance to be able to fulfill their dreams is what I want to do.

My all time favorite Quote and to some may be cliche is "What doesn't kill you, Make you stronger."

So scroll down , subscribe to our mailing list, listen to my podcast and let make our lives on this planet an everyday celebration.

with love, 

Lilach Adoni



Our  goal is to show is to show you that being positive is a choice.

we will have podcast, workshops, zoom chats, private coaching, virtual coaching ,tip for the week, and we are always welcome conversations ideas.


Lilach will share he life stories, the ups the downs, the good and the bad, the lessons she learned in life and a whole lot . 

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